Secret recipe to make your work team more engaged

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5 Secret recipe to make your work team more engaged

Set shared objectives

Clearly and concisely define the company’s goals and visions. Let the employees know the clear link between their work and the company’s goals.

Clearly define your expectations when you give your employees an assignment. Also explain how the project fits into the company’s larger goals, and encourage them to ask questions if they need additional information.

Be Honest

Sometimes employees will be required to take on projects that aren’t exciting or glamorous. When handing out these assignments, be upfront about the scope of the task.

The last thing you want to do is throw an employee a curveball or appear untruthful.

Focus on the culture

Professionals feel more eager to come into the office if it’s comfortable and clean and provides all the tools necessary to do the job effectively.

They’re also happier and more engaged when management promotes a clear commitment to basic courtesy and demands that employees treat each other with respect.

Ask for opinions

Everyone wants to enjoy what they do at work, so allow employees to engage with the business in ways that generate the results that you require while giving them the flexibility to navigate and explore how they can best contribute.

Start identifying what they are naturally gravitating toward – that which gets them excited.
Focus on those areas your employees enjoy contributing to the most and build a plan that utilizes their most positive capabilities to create the outcomes you desire.

Empower to discover potential

Stop micromanaging and start empowering your employees to discover their full potential. Put them in situations that will build their confidence and strengthen their self-trust. This also helps you know what an employee is capable of accomplishing.

When employees are encouraged to be themselves and not what others want them to be, they will begin to embrace an entrepreneurial attitude that wasn’t previously being leveraged – thus stimulating engagement.

Stop expecting your employees to behave as you do.

Allow them to use their most natural skills and characteristics.